SynJ® cordless business phone system

Work wherever your work is! With extended range and cordless mobility, you can leave your desk without leaving your work behind.

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SynJ® cordless business phone system - Starter bundle 2


Supports 4 lines and 3 users; expands up to 11 users

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1Open range test was performed by Wyle Laboratories, an independent commercial test facility. "Up to 1/2 mile" cordless headset range refers to the maximum open field range. Actual range may vary depending on intervening obstacles. Maximum operable range distances are based on all-indoor use.
2The actual recording time depends on individual characteristics.
3Music-on-Hold functionality should only be used in conjunction with music specifically licensed for on-hold use. Licensed on-hold music is available from many third party suppliers. AT&T disclaims any liability arising from the failure to obtain such a license.
4Paging system is not included with the phone system.