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Cordless Battery : GREEN - Fits GE, AT&T, and VTech models.


Cordless Battery BT8001


  • Compatible with models: SL81108, SL82118, SL81208, SL82208, SL82218, SL82318, SL82408, SL82418, SL82518, SL82558, SL82618, SL82658, and SL80108


Temporarily unavailable

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Cordless Battery BT166342


Cordless Battery BT191545


  • Compatible with AT&T models: TL7612, TL7611, TL7610 and TL7600

Battery BT283342


NiMH replacement battery BT283642


  • Please check the battery from the wireless mic before purchase the replacement battery

Cordless Battery BT262342


Cordless Battery BT183342


  • compatible models: CL80103 , CL82353 , CL84102 , CL84202 , CL84352 , CRL30102 , CRL32102 , CRL32202 , CRL80112 , CRL81212 , CRL82212 , CRL82312 , TL88002 , TL88102 , CL80103 , CL82203 , CL80113 , CL82213 , CL82313 , CL82413 , CL83213 , CLP99003 , CLP99283 , CLP99383 , CLP99483 , TL90073 , TL92273 , TL96273, CL82x07, CL83x07, CL80107, CL80067

Cordless Battery BT162342


  • compatible models: EL52xx1, EL51xx0, EL52xx0, EL51xx3, EL52xx3, EL50003, AWX2xxx4, EL52xx5, EL50005, EL52xx6, EL52xx9, DL72xx9, BL102-x, GL2101-x

Li-ion Polymer replacement battery BT291665


  • Compatible with models: SB3014, TL7800, TL7810, TL7812, TL7910 and TL7912
  • Please check the battery from the wireless mic before purchase the replacement battery


Temporarily unavailable

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